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Frank Monte: What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Online Marketing

· Frank Monte

Frank Monte currently specializes in building user-friendly websites and online marketing strategies for clients. The owner of Centurion, a local marketing firm, Frank Monte empowers small businesses with the digital messaging and strategies needed to be more competitive in their local industries, and to build stronger, more enduring online presences that reach and connect with more customers.

As a marketing professional, Frank Monte understands the basics of online marketing; those steps small business owners should take when trying to grow their businesses online. Some of these basics include:

  • Cultivating customer loyalty. Rather than focus simply on reaching and selling to new customers, it’s more effective for entrepreneurs to develop campaigns built around upselling to existing customers; to cultivate trust during and past the initial transaction, and to build upon that relationship in the future.

  • Utilizing social media. Many small business owners are still hesitant about marketing themselves on social media. And while such platforms may be more effective for some businesses over others, they are essential digital marketing tools with vast reach and customer connection potential.

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